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Featured Animation

Small fluid animation rendered in Blender, simulated with FLIP Fluids addon. The animation is the Funhaus DudeSoup invading the old Google Trends set.
Rendered using AWS EC2 spot instances and some custom render scripts, render time still at 12h 57m, so obviously need to do more optimization and get GPU instances working with blender. You'll notice there is a super choppy bit in the middle where I tried to do a little slow mo just with Final Cut, because trying to rerender at different frame rates with the fluid was doing my head in, so just nope, we're left with choppiness.

EDIT: So this was well before I had started playing with EEVEE engine in Blender 2.80 beta, keen to go back and re-render this in EEVEE, see how quick it is and what changes to the shaders I need to make.

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